Dr Fiona Li

Dr Fiona Li

Research Officer


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Dr Fiona Li graduated from the School of Medicine at the West China University of Medical Science and obtained her medical degree in 1995. She completed her 5-year ophthalmic training as an ophthalmic resident at the specialised advanced eye hospital, Shanxi Eye Hospital in China which is affiliated with Shanxi Eye Institute and ORBIS International Training Centre. Dr Li was also trained at the prestigious Beijing Tongren Eye Centre and Zhongshan Ophthalmic Centre in China.

Apart from her busy clinical work, Dr Li kept her interest in eye research and studied at the Shanxi Medical University to obtain her Master Degree in Medical Science in 2001. In 2003, Dr Li had a stint at the Lions Eye Institute in Perth as an academic visitor to broaden her research and clinical skills in the field of cornea. Dr Li spent over 6 years as an ophthalmologist in her subspecialty of Corneal and Anterior Segment Surgery at the Shanxi Eye Hospital.

In 2009, Dr Li joined the Queensland Eye Institute and has been involved a number of research projects. Dr Li worked on experimental crosslinking of collagen with various crosslinking agents. Later, she was involved in the clinical trial of the corneal collagen crosslinking in the treatment of progressive keratoconus and the DSEK consecutive case series. Dr Li worked with Dr Anthony Pane and A/Prof Nigel Barnett to investigate the mechanisms of retinal degeneration and to develop potential neuroprotective methods to repair the damaged optic nerve resulting from glaucoma and retinal diseases.

Currently, Dr Li is a researcher collaborating with Associate Professor Damien Harkin and Professor Traian Chirila in a clinical trial which has been funded by NHMRC research grant to transplant the corneal stem cells cultivated on the silk fibroin substrate to regenerate and restore the ocular surface resulting from limbal stem cell deficiency.