Eden (Shui) Liu

Eden (Shui) Liu

Laboratory Manager

MBBS, M.S in Biomedical Engineering

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Ms Eden (Shui) Liu joined the Queensland Eye Institute in 2012 as a research laboratory manager/coordinator. Ms Liu completed her clinical medicine degree at Nanking Medical University followed by hospital based internship training at one of the top 10 hospitals in China, the 1st People’s Hospital of Shanghai in 2005. With a great interest in biomedical engineering, she started her master’s project in tissue engineered blood vessels at Fudan University of Shanghai Medical College, one of the top 3 universities in China.

After completing her master’s degree with two first-author and three middle-author publication in peer-reviewed journals, Ms Liu joined an environment project at Miami University in Ohio, United States to explore her interest in global warming and shrinking iceberg. In 2009, Ms Liu received full scholarship to participate in hematopoietic stem cell project at Australian Institute for Bioengineering & Nanotechnology (AIBN) at the University of Queensland. In 2011, Ms Liu was involved in campylobacter project in Biosecurity Laboratory of Queensland Government.

With a broad knowledge in clinical practice and clinical research project development, Ms Liu currently provides technical/scientific support to the clinical research team, facilitating daily research activities. She also oversees the health and safety procedures for the research performance and liaises with regulatory parties to ensure the compliance with state laws and regulations.