Research Governance Forms

Prior to commencing your research, the project must undergo a Research Governance review also referred to as a Site-Specific Assessment (SSA). This review is in addition to the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) review. Importantly, a research project being conducted at the QEI must hold both Scientific Committee (SC) and HREC approvals as well as Research Governance authorisation before any project-related activities can start.

Research Governance authorisation includes consideration of the following:

  • Compliance of the proposed project with all relevant Commonwealth and Qld legislation, regulatory guidelines and research codes of practice;
  • QEI resources and expertise (e.g. facilities, equipment, personnel, etc.);
  • Administrative and legal requirements such as adequate insurance, indemnity, budget considerations, material transfer agreements and collaborative research agreements.

Research Governance Submissions

Applications for Research Governance authorisation must be made on the QEI SSA form. The SSA application for a research project can be submitted to the Research Governance Office (RGO) at any time. The scientific/ethical review by the HREC and the SSA may occur in parallel. However, any documentation that has been amended during the HREC review and approval process must also be forwarded to the RGO.

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