HREC Forms

Please read the instructions below carefully before submitting your application to the Queensland Eye Institute Human Research Ethics Committee. Any submissions that are not complete are considered invalid and will not be reviewed.


(For an initial submission) 

For submissions requiring full HREC review, please submit the following documents electronically to

  1. New Protocol Application Cover Sheet (Word Document)
  2. Low and/or Negligible Risk (LNR) Application Form
  3. Online National Ethics Application Form (NEAF)
  4. Patient Information Sheet
  5. Guidelines for Participants 
  6. Conflict of Interest Declaration
  7. Submission Checklist
  8. Fee Schedule



(Once submission is approved)

  1. Investigator report of CIOMS or IND safety report received from Sponsors 
  2. SAE Report 
  3. Study Commenced, Discontinued or Withdrawn Report 
  4. Progress Report
  5. Final Report